Welcome!!!! So glad you landed on my particular corner of the internet! Creative and Vibrant Living is my passion project for creatives to be able to have a radiant life built around health and wealth while building the life they want.

Full confession time! I dreaded the idea of MLMs and swore I never would join one.

And then I was introduced to Doterra through my biz coach. And she told me she was there to support me build a soul aligned business my way. But that she thought Doterra would help me with it.

She let me join and put 0 pressure on me my first 2 months to build (not that she pressures me now! 😜). Instead we had a weekly meeting that helped me work past my blocks, get deep healing and then move into my power.

Because this was what I truly needed to build a biz. Yes I needed the “know how” and building blocks. But I also needed help getting past the self sabotage and the fear. I needed to trust me and know that I could do this.

That I could build a writing career AND still help others with their own creative endeavour: business or hobby.

Because I was so torn! I wanted to keep writing!  I love creating planners for authors and creatives and I love writing historical fiction that’s firmly rooted in mythology to create worlds where fantasy and reality play.

But I also wanted to help people live radiant and creative lives that were based around a holistic approach to creativity and life.

It very much looked like a hot mess. And I was struggling to get my vision together.

And then came Vicki Reisima and her magic. Her belief in me with her healing powers cracked my world wide open.

I can be a writer while offering my ability to see where other’s are locking themselves into a cage to the world. I can write AND still offer programs and help to others to get through the messy middle on their journey from caterpillar to butterfly. I can help empower women to start a biz they love and teach them how to build it. And I can do it all while sharing a love for a more earth based approach to productivity that honors cycles of change and brings in essential oils for health and wealth.

All under an umbrella that is not the hot mess I feared it would be without the help of messaging.

Doterra allows me to do all of this!

I started with using the oils as a way for support and community.

I’ve fallen in love with everything they mean for me.

A way to build a biz and apply that knowledge to my own writing biz as an authorpreneur and Radiant and Creative Life Guide.

Because I so wanted to help but I felt it was a real struggle to offer prices that both attracted people who honestly wanted to change their lives and still make enough that I was able to claim independence. And there was also the fact my writing began to fall to the side.

 But just writing wasn’t enough either because I’m called to help guide others into stepping into their own power and living a life that sings for them. 

And that’s where my struggle was.

Doterra was my missing link.

And I want to offer that to you.

You can join me direct as a creativity coach and get my Voxer support.

Or you can join me as a biz builder or wholesaler at 125 pv orders a month and you get my coaching on scholarship as we build out your creative and vibrant life. And you’ll get acess to our Kinship community on Facebook.

That’s roughly a 150 a month and you’ll get all my brain power to get you out of that cage and into a vibrant and creative life.

With the option to be building an Essential oils business at the same time.

I just wish I had made this decision years ago!!!!

Either way I’m here to help you blast past your blocks to live the creative and vibrant life you deserve! Because I believe creativity can change the world!