We are finishing season 2 of BeLiving in Self with an episode on how important it is to root into our energy to come back into self. Deep roots allow for you to reach for the sky without falling over.

We also talk about the experience of putting the Creative & Vibrant Virtual Retreat together, the lessons learned from just starting.

Finally, we look at the things that happen under the surface and why we far too often quit too soon.

Listen to us on anchor or any of your favorite podcast haunts!

If you are ready to stop putting your life on hold and make the plunge to start living your life to the fullest, talk to Kate or myself! Kate offers moon mentoring and healing sessions and I offer mentoring and coaching to get you writing and living the life you deserve rather than the one you accept. And both of our sessions are included in the free trial of the Creative & Vibrant Living Virtual Retreat.

If you are ready to stop putting your creativity last then get the retreat and the tools to start building your creative life & the process of returning to self!

Or maybe you need a healing session or want to join Kate’s moon mentoring!

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