Freedom thieves lurk in plain site – it’s what makes them so insidious.

It’s basic psychology, we are so much better at rewarding ourselves in the moment at the cost of future us. We’re those kids who upon being told that we get 2 marshmallows if we can just wait 15 minutes – And as soon as the door is shut we jam that fluffy goodness in. (Or my personal favorite, the nibbler – technically the marshmallow was still there).

And everyone around us normalizes it.  You want to write a book but your tired and Netflix is calling your name.  And how do you even tell your friends or partner that you would rather write than hang out?

Or you want to be able to take a year off to backpack South East Asia but that jacket makes you look good NOW. No matter it costs about a month on the road.

And just like tiny actions lead to big movements, often times our friend’s and family will inadvertently become our jailers by not understanding why you want to cut back on expenses now for financial freedom later.

We’re human.  We’re not set up for the big payoff. We are wired for instant gratification. And credit cards make it so easy to decorate our golden cages and anesthetize our soul pain. We’re still the kid who jams the marshmallow in our mouth. We never got over the feeling of 10 minutes in the corner felt like an eternity and the world moved on without us. We are still there, afraid by reducing our going out or spending we are left behind.

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