Hello Gemini! Moving Forward & And Perfect Oils For the Sign

Hello Gemini!!! I never used to follow along with astrology. The most I ever did was a fun glimpse on the rare occasion I read a Cosmo or Glamour ( almost always freeloaded from my mom or friend!) And then I discovered Namaste Today and Sensei Christopher Wieticki’s Sirius Joy service. So amazing!!!!! So life changing. A therapist in my pocket! So although I’m excited to be in Gemini, the breakdown before the breakthrough this time of the year can bring is happening. The realization that I was chasing something I didn’t even fully want. I love creating and I love helping other people to create. And somehow I allowed that to push my writing to the side. Because I spent so much time marketing the creative coach aspect that I had no time to write. Listening to Sensei and his constant prodding this past week to remember where you belong finally brought a breakthrough (aided by the realization that a broke anchor chain means Barbados is out and Dominica is on. Talk about fixating to a point where you squeeze out joy. Is that even something to complain about?). And I belong as a writer. A #oilywriter I want to help people bring their creative gifts into the world. But not at the expense of mine. And this past week my WIP has become an almost completed first draft. And I love that!!!!! It feels so good. Like where I belong. I’m ok with it being fun, fast paced fiction. For so long that bothered me. No more! And that’s why I have decided to accept ease! The ease of coaching my Doterra team, both in how to build their biz but also by giving them full scholarship to my creativity coaching if they want it. But instead of concentrating on building my creativity coaching I would much rather write, share some creativity tips and tricks on social media, have fun and write write write. I love my oils. I love writing. I love helping people. And since I also love Doterra and the Kinship (my Doterra family) & that part of active biz building, why am I pushing the coach part so hard!?!?!? Mind cages! Now that doesn’t mean I’m dropping my clients or refusing new ones. Not at all. It just means the active pushing is going towards things that light me up! 🦄

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How to blast past writers block in a gentle and enjoyable way

All writer’s know it. That voice that creeps in and then begins to scream at us:


And the voice is rather convincing. So much so we run for cover and refuse to write.

So the voice wins.

Too often we believe that beating that voice involves a feat of Herculean strength.

Which, let’s face it, most of us don’t have. We’re exhausted and just making it through the day as it is.

I know.

It took me 37 years before I was brave enough to hit publish on my first work of fiction.

And 5 years of publishing non fiction work before I could claim writer.

I tried everything.

Screaming at myself.

Berating myself.


None of it worked long term.

Everytime I thought I was on track I fell right off of again.

And then magic happened.

I transformed into an oily writer.

Instead of chocolate and lattes I have tea and my diffuser. (Chocolate and lattes DO still have their place of course. But now it’s a healthy relationship instead of me chasing and begging for that sweet caffeinated combo).

And I journal.

Sometimes it’s just morning pages style word dump until the anxiety and self doubt is gone and I begin to work on my WIP.

Other times I list all my fears and counter them, to realize they are not so scary after all.

Sometimes I start from my characters viewpoint and they tell me all the things they think it’s wrong with my WIP.

They can be very persistent about who they are.

And if I’m really stuck I pull a card and let that guide my writing.

They key difference is that I go in gentle and I go in with the intention that there are no mistakes. Just exploration.

And with the pressure off and the oils soothing my body while the tea is delicious without pain or cheesecake guilt. (Not weight, no body shaming here. But I can’t walk if I consume too much milk. But if some writers destruction of choice is alcohol, mine is dairy. Not nearly so cool but I’m a total geek. Plus now I’m a geek mom. ).

My favourite oils? At the moment I’m in love with any of my citrus blends (how can i not be happy when it smells like sunshine, it’s my light against the dark) or I use the mermaid blend I found on Pinterest, because I’m also a mermaid.

Try the gentle way. You’ll be so much happier. Writing is our bliss. We don’t need to self sacrifice to be deserving of it! Just open to exploring and a second draft!

And don’t forget that health advocates that are part of my team also get access to the Kinship, which is more than just how to grow your oils biz in a box. Although of course you are supported there too!

It’s also a community and soul alignment training. The Higher Self Manifesto journal quest that helps you find your soul’s purpose is pure magic.

What do Virtual Retreats, Biz Building & Sloths Have In Common?

Or the alternative title for this post was:

Get The Creative & Vibrant Living Virtual Retreat (And All Of The Bonuses) For Free!

When you join my team or sign up as a Doterra wholesale customer with me you get access to the Creative & Vibrant Living Virtual Retreat. (Plus access to the Kinship community and all the wonderfulness that is that group and accompanying resources!)

I gathered the amazing women who are the presenters and interviewees in this retreat because I wanted to offer a retreat that not only embraced creativity and healing, but much more important, did it in an accessible and inclusive way.

I wanted this to be open to women who didn’t have the ability to travel, either because of money, time, childcare or other mobility constrictions. I believe passionately in the ability for creativity to heal.

And I believe that like Andre Lourde said

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

And in this time, now more than ever, I believe we can not give up our creativity.

And so I gathered this diverse group of amazing women to talk about all kinds of aspects of self-care.

Creativity for healing through challenge and grief, using meditation to help you cope when life gets crazy, but also as a treat to yourself.

We also cover nutrition and family life, caring for yourself inside and out. And the common theme is that we can do this. even in what I like to call the “Messy Middle.”

“The Messy Middle” is why I created The Creative Mermaids, my creative coaching start up. The long and the short of it is, the messy middle is life. Too often we feel that we need to wait for the muse.

Or that we can not be creative because it would be an act of indulgence in a world gone mad.

Or we just think that we are not good enough, or the time is not right. The time will never be right. No one has it figured out. Like life creativity has cycles. And this is where the messy middle is. Learning to roll with it or learning to lick our wounds before we stand up again. There is no one size fits all.

But this retreat, and the women in it, will give you the tools to start working out your own solution.

Day 1 is now over but we have 2 more days of #meditation, #health, and #creativity coming your way! And if you want access to yesterday’s videos you can still sign up for the full access pass with bonuses before the price goes up! Today is just as good as yesterday and this is the line up we have for you today! @Julieschooler- The Easiest Way To Start A Meditation Practice Today Even For Busy Mamas This chat with Julie changed my life! I have stopped yelling at my kids as much as I stop and do her 16-second meditation before letting myself slip into full (NOT mindful at all) angry mode. And be sure to grab her From Crappy To Happy Book on Amazon. Seriously, life-changing stuff, and it’s on Kindle Unlimited! @Blessinganyatonwu – 5 Ways Poor Digestion and Low Energy Ruining Your Creativity The first of our nutrition based discussons, Dr. Anyatomwu goes over 5 ways poor digestion is wiping you out and affecting your creativity. Sheehan Rosen – Cycle Charting For Health & Self Discovery Sheehan is an amazing wealth of information and this talk blew my mind. I have always thought myself in touch with my body and now I realize just how much I have not! And Sheehan tells us how to change that! She is one of the amazing women I have met through my own work on healing and this talk is a little like jumping in on two friends, which I think we are! 🙂 Madeline Davis – Avoid The 3 Common Mistakes Moms Make That Keep Them Nagging I asked Madeleine if there was an easy way to stop nagging and here some strategies she shared with me. The webinar is called Avoid the 3 common mistakes moms make that keep them nagging. @AndreaCaprio – How To Cleanse & Nourish Your Body Andrea helps us understand what is going on with how what we eat affects our enrgy and health. @Katedarnell – Trusting In You: An Oracle Card and Meditative Journey Unlocking Limitless Love, Ability and Abundance I love this woman and I love this class Kate does for us. Afterwards you will feel that you have unlocked limitless love, abiity and abundance! Thank you @gumbootsbythesea

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You also get access to the Kinship!

The Kinship offers life & business mentorship in a virtual mastermind setting every 6 weeks – learning about the relationship you have with the Plant Kingdom and Mother Nature herself with her seasonal rhythms. In there you receive monthly group trainings (for intentional business builders) that teach you how to build your own essential oil business, either alongside your existing gig or as it’s own entity. Content is based on a fusion of business energetics, Soul-alignment, wealth consciousness and practical strategy. Your Leadership presence is highly valued and because Vicki (my upline) sees you and your Soul’s potential, she’ll be encouraging you to be an active participant/facilitator/teacher for our kinfolk and supporting you in bringing all of your gifts to the table in any way that excites and empowers you.

You get biz building advice, community, and support in your use of the oils AND in your or biz building efforts. This is a community that helps build each other up and not tear each other down. AND you get your oils with it! So many wins!!!!

If you love the idea of access to a free course on your higher self manifesto, getting your chakras aligned and an Energetic Wellness Consult, read on! Oh, and essential oils enthusiast or interest is also a must! I joined Doterra as a wellness advocate because I wanted to add products to the Creative Mermaids without the stress of being under constant creation. BUT also because my coach offered me full scholarship to her program at the time. I was hesitant because it was an MLM buuuut I went with if it was good enough for Kate Northrup then why not me! (And so many limiting beliefs about myself came exploding out of that!!) Seriously, the Kinship (the group created by my upline Vicki Reisima) has changed my life. It’s community, wellness and spiritual alignment as each of us (the members) bring in Doterra oils into our business our way. Making them the center of it or just a way to get oils along with biz building advice, we all support each other’s approach to life and the biz. None of the pressure tactics I was terrified of! And if any of you have been playing with the idea of joining, Vicki just offered that any Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate enrolments (with a minimum 100PV order) who sogn up through me will each receive a 45 minute Energetic Wellness Consult with her so long as you sign up before April 30th. She will be looking into your Akashic Record to discover your Soul’s Divine Blueprint, then together you’ll brainstorm a sacred action plan designed to help bring equilibrium to your physical and emotional well-being (based on how your Soul is designed to thrive.) This is the first time she has offered this to wholesale customers as well. (Although I always say to sign up as a advocate because there’s the chance to earn money on your oil addiction should you ever choose that route!) Plus you get the other biz building bonus trainings in the kinship, which can be applied to any biz you’re in! Link to join in profile!

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What does this have to do with a sloth?

My spirit animal is a sloth. Adorable, cuddly, but often slow in initiating things. I like to know my facts before I commit. And I tend to do a lot of thinking and eating before I do so. But when I do I am all in.

This also means that unlike a lot of other people’s approaches to MLMs, I do not mind the slow burners! I always advise signing up as an advocate rather than a wholesaler because if it takes you a couple of months to decide if this biz is for you (either direct as a done for you biz in a box or as a supplement to your current biz) it’s fine! But if you recommend the oils to someone else then you might as well get paid for it right!

And those who order their 125 PV order every month also get full scholarship to the Creative Mermaids Creativity coaching. So get your book written, your biz planned and supported AND you are enhancing your life by detoxing your home.

So many freaking wins it’s no wonder I went from “no way and now how would I ever join an MLM” to “come with me this is so AWESOME!”

And there are sloths.



Elevation is right!

Currently carving out a little downtime for myself from the Vegas retreat. So much learning happening and with a full moon tonight (with a sister circle) I wanted some time alone to really think about my intentions and integrate some learning.

I saw in a notification that within our private Doterra group (for our users and fellow business builders) that @beccaanhalt was going live to read a group tarot spread for us.

People, I love my Doterra family.

I just got off and besides her reading being spot on with what my sirius joy app has been calling for, I just realized how anything and everything is what you make it!!! ALL my fears about joining a MLM biz have been demolished working with the amazing women in this group!

We support each other, we have fun with each other, and we build each other up. Everything I was looking for everywhere else was right there for me when I was ready to join.

I can write AND help others build a creative biz AND have a healthier lifestyle for my family (bye bye toxins!). Seriously, join us! Instead of spending money on courses and coaching; join and get oils and support and my coaching at a much lower price point than if you went direct.

Because I want to lift women up and help them live creative and vibrant lives. But I can’t give my services away for free – which is why I raised my coaching to 499 a month.

But I also honesty want to help. So for those who join as an advocate or wholesaler and make the 125 pv a month, you get my coaching for free. Because that’s you investing in yourself. Building yourself up. Starting to invest in you. And for that I’m willing to help. I just need to know you are in.

And you get a pretty fantastic group with it!